By Richard Scott with music by composed and performed by John Harle

Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

An Oblique View from Elsewhere – 6 May – 20th June
A meta-exhibition exploring the shape and material that contour experience reflects on how perspective impacts on our daily realities and illusions. This site-specific exhibition is conceived on 3 planes, starting from the architectural space of the gallery in which Richard Scott integrates the visual surface of his artworks.
In Row 1, abstract form is represented as partially filled with fluid so that it’s tilt is emphasised. This ignores any implied materiality of the object forcing an abstract reading and concentration on the picture plane.
Row 2 shows a series of 3 works slightly tilted from the horizontal plane. The original tilted objects are now treated as content within the new frame, which is itself content and therefore again tilted.
In Row 3, the tilted view is directed towards phenomena in the city. Set in the window, these works capture a ‘derive’ in the city, echoing the partial (half full / half empty) filling of objects and the ever incompleteness of the city.

With music forming a lasting thread through Richard’s work across art and architecture, the two time-based works ‘Tilt Music I & II’ are part of an on-going collaboration with virtuoso saxophonist and composer John Harle.

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