About Nicholas Carrick

Nick Carrick was born in Peterborough. He lives and Works in Hove, East Sussex and studied at Chelsea School of Art & Design and Coventry University.

He has exhibited extensively in the UK since 2004. In 2006 he was awarded a residency at Pouch Cove Foundation, NewFoundLand, Canada .

“I use nature and the representational world as a springboard into abstraction for my paintings, both being subjective and objective starting points in my work. The subject matter is diverse, ranging from newspaper clippings, old photos, personal memories both poignant and insignificant, and things that capture my attention on a walk or train journey. Abject beauty to me often lies within the mundane and banal that is so often overlooked in everyday life.

Painting is a metaphorical train journey, the journey more often than not being more important than the final destination. The process is the construction of a visual diary, a scatter shot approach of seemingly random source material linked by emotional metaphors that use allegorical references. This is done through the act of painting to capture texture, colour, weight and surface detail, within this they start to take on a life of their own.

Carefully handpicking materials that are diverse, obscure and abstract from its original context I create responses that manipulate and obscure the original subject, sometimes with only a hint of recognition towards the original source of inspiration, resulting in an orchestration of form; a symphony of visual stimuli. These sometimes compliment and at other times juxtapose upon the canvas. They are stripped bare and freed from their referent.

I exploit chance from the beginning and capture incidents, which later infiltrate and manifest into other works.”